Immunity self-evaluation: how to evaluate and boost your immune system?

What is exactly an immune system?

It’s your body’s front lines in the fight against illness. A complex network of tissues, cells, and organs that fights germs.
A literal life-saving system of chemicals and proteins that fight off invaders in the form of viruses, harmful bacteria, and foreign bodies.

These are different organs that contribute to the the immune system

These are different cells of the immune system that deal and kill pathogens

Symptoms and signs of a weak immune system:

  • If you get infections very often: more then 2-3 times a year
  • If It takes you a long time to recover and hear: more then 4-7 days
  • You don’t sleep well: lack of high-quality resting sleep
  • You are overweight which lead to high inflammation and immunity cells dysfunction
  • Fatigue, low energy and lack of concentration most of the time
  • You are stress-out most of the time
  • You are nutrient diffident (Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc)

Habits that weaken the immune system:

  • You take too much prescription drugs and antibiotics
  • You eat sugar and processed food
  • You don’t move too much, you don’t exercise
  • You are a negative person and you stress yourself too much

How to boost your immune system:

Where to start? To-do list:

  • Stop eating sugar
  • Stop processed food
  • Eat and cook yourself a whole meal
  • Cook and make healthy sweets yourself
  • Exercise more often
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Take Vitamin D from sun or supplements (it is a must)
  • Take Vitamin C from food or supplements
  • Use Natural remedies first and drugs only when it’s necessary
  • Reduce stress, by meditation, prayer, gratitude …

If you care about your health, you’ll want to nurture this important protection system. Boosting your immune system and keeping the fire stoked is a big step towards optimal health”.

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