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Who I am?
It is Alex here. I’m a person that strongly believes in everyone deserving a healthy fulfilling life which is based on a healthy lifestyle and diet.

I’m a PhD researcher in biomedical engineering, a certified health coach, and an online entrepreneur.
I help & coach people about health, food, nutrition, exercise, and self-evaluation to achieve optimal health.
What is a healthy financially free life for me

Make Me Healthy is about educating people about their health to help them achieve a healthy life via:


Food & Nutrution

Focusing on nutrient rich food and a healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits, meats, that provides essential  vitamins, and minerals 



Physical activities, working out and resistance training that keep the body in track



Treating deficiency by taking the right vitamins, minerals, herbs supplements which made from whole food


Natural remedies

Fixing health problems using ancient medicine, herbs and food based medicine 

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